Butterfly Replacement Certificate

by CDI - Insect Lore
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This product is a certificate that is redeemable for the live larvae, once you are ready to for them. This is NOT the larvae themselves.åÊOrder as a refill for the Butterfly Garden, Butterfly Pavilion or Butterfly Bungalow, or if you simply want additional butterflies to really fill your habitat with wonderful wings!Redeemable for the live caterpillar unit that completes the Butterfly Garden and Butterfly Bungalow kits. Once mailed, you'llreceive 5 Painted Lady caterpillars (live butterfly larvae) and food, full instructions and butterfly facts. Please allow approximately 3 weeks for your larvae to develop. Shipment of caterpillars to within the continental U.S. and Alaska only.Note! This certificate is redeemable for live caterpillars, but is not an order for the caterpillars themselves. This is just the certificate, if you would like your larvae immediately, please call 1-800-634-4298. Price includes the free shipping of the caterpillars to your door, once you receive your certificate.åÊ*You will receive the certificate via email in one business day. There is no additional shipping charge to ship your larvae.åÊ