Hip-Hop AlphaBop Vol 2 CD

by Jack Hartmann
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Educational Focus:åÊReading & Writing SkillsThis is Jack's fantastic follow-up CD to the super successful Hip-Hop AlphaBop. Hip-Hop AlphaBop 2 is just filled with great songs that focus on phonological awareness development, reading & writing skills, rhyming, letter sounds, comprehension, language play, high frequency words, reading strategies. Also, this really cool CD includes a hip-hop versions of the very popular songs Tooty-Ta and Miss Mary Mack. 1. Start This Day With a Song 2. Hip-Hop Tooty Ta 3. Workout to the Letter Sounds 4. The Silly Pirate Song 5. Jack's Miss Mary Mack 6. The Cowboy Dance 7. Make a Rhyme, Mave a Move 8. Move to the Alphabet 9. The Cool Itsy Bitsy Spider 10. 5 Funky Little Monkeys 11. Hop Over It 12. Let's Make Words 13. Be a Family of Words 14. Down in the Jungle 15. Groovin Peanut Butter and Jelly 16. Rockin Hip-Hoppin Apples and Bananas 17. Popcorn Words (4, 5, & 6 letter) 18. Words 19. Hand Print On Our Hearts 20. Hip-Hop Tooty Ta (open) 21. Workout the the Letter Sounds (open) 22. Make a Rhyme, Make a Move 23. Let's Make Words (open) 24. Move to the Alphabet (open) 25. Hand Print On Our Hearts (open)