Get on Board the Transition Train CD

by Jack Hartmann
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Ages 4 to 10Reading skill and physical movementSkills:åÊ Starting & Ending the Day, Lining Up Quietly, Good Listening, Cleanup Fun, Circle Time Learning, Positive Behavior, Playground Rules, Washing Hands, Phonemic Awareness, Bathroom Do's & Don'ts, Calming Down, Gross Motor Fun, 100 Days of School, Positive Lunchtime Behavior, Exercising & Fitness, 60 Beat per minute Brain Building and Crossing the Mid-line 1. Together at School 15. 10 Silly Monkeys 2. Penguin Dance Chant 16. Exercise, Rhyme and Freeze 3. Chugga Chugga Choo Choo 17. Here's What You Do Do and You Don't Do When You Go to Use the Bathroom 4. Cleanup Vacuum Cleaner 18. Peanut the Pig's Teamwork Cleanup 5. Walk In Line Rhyme 19. Peanut's Playground Rules 6. Wash My Hands Rap 20. Zero the Hero Exercise and Count 7. Happy 21. Step by Step Listening Song 8. Storybook Gym 22. 5 Little Fish (Caribbean) 9. Letter Line Up 23. Echo the Letter Sounds 10. Zero the Hero Celebrates 100 Days of School 24. Penguin Dance 11. Lunchtime Is Time to Eat 25. See You Later Alligator 12. Slow and Fast Word Dance 26. 60 Beat per Minute Brain Builder (classical) 13. Ridin' On the Train 27. 60 Beat per Minute Brain Builder (new age) 14. 5 Little Ducks 28. 60 Beat per Minute Brain Builder (acoustic)