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The story of Esther makes you ask yourself if you would risk your life to save the lives of your countrymen? That was the deadly dilemma confronting the young Queen Esther, one of the Bible's most courageous women. The adopted daughter of Mordecai, Esther becomes Queen of Persia because of her beauty. When Haman, chief at the king's court, learns of Esther's true birthright, he plots to murder the Jews. Queen Esther's courage and wisdom helps her turn tragedy into a victory that is celebrated today with the feast of Purim.Each 48-page Activity and Coloring Book is full of skill-developing activities, word games, puzzles, coloring pages, and more! They provide hours of fun and learning for the entire family! The special "Certificate of Achievement" located in the back of the book serves as an excellent award your child can display after completing the activities. Also available- Animated Stories from the Bible: Esther on DVD with this Activity and Coloring book included.Watch as children build on their knowledge of the Animated Bible series by exploring the stories further with this series of Activity and Coloring Books! These books are full of Scripture references, word games, puzzles, questions, and coloring pages. Each one in the Animated Stories of the Bible series is an adventure for children of all ages, and guaranteed to be a source of enlightenment in your home.These Activity and Coloring Books are easy for moms and teachers to scan or photocopy so that they may reuse the coloring pages over and over again!Other Activity and Coloring Books from the Animated Stories from the Bible: Daniel Ruth Esther Joseph in Egypt David and Goliath Abraham and Isaac Elijah Solomon Elisha Joseph's Reunion Samuel Moses *Note: DVD not included.