English (3 Pack)

by Cerebellum
SKU: C1050572

Save money! The Standard Deviants English DVD 3-Pack contains: English Composition DVD, English Grammar 1 DVD and English Punctuation 1 DVD.Topics Covered:English Grammar 1‰ۢ Nouns and pronouns‰ۢ Verb tenses‰ۢ Conjugations‰ۢ Compound sentencesEnglish Punctuation 1‰ۢ Periods and comas‰ۢ Interjections‰ۢ Prepositional phrasesEnglish Composition‰ۢ Collecting information‰ۢ Outlining and organization‰ۢ Thesis statementGrade Level: 4+Co-written by Chris Thaiss, Ph.D. of George Mason University, Nancy Shapiro, Ph.D. of University of Maryland, and Charles Fisher, M.A. of The Madeira School.