by Cerebellum
SKU: GH4305

Takes young viewers on exciting excursions into the wondrous worlds of science and the environment. Fast-paced, entertaining and enlightening series that makes the absurd and strange ‰ÛÒ from insect eating to real-life bloodsuckers - interesting and AWESOME! Captivating content for elementary-aged students to learn about the world and beyond, all in the classroom! The Physical Science Series shines a spotlight on the innovations and boundary-breaking events of today. From spy technology to space suits to special effects, this series is sure to get young students pumped up about the future of science! Speed! Breaking the sound barrier with the world's fastest land speed record of mach 1.007, approximately 775 mph, - now that's speed! Experiencing G-force on a roller coaster, normally felt while flying in an F-18 fighter jet - that's quick. A cheetah that was clocked at 105 mph, and the world's fastest man is shown in this fast-paced episode.