Science Fundamentals: Rocks and Minerals

by Cerebellum
SKU: GH4023

Everything solid in nature began as a mineral. We rely on rocks and minerals in our daily lives and most of the time don‰۪t even know it. Developing an understanding for how integral rocks and minerals are to our daily lives will help children form a greater appreciation for the building blocks of our world. By viewing the video and discussing the concepts presented children will enhance their knowledge about rocks and minerals. General information about rocks and minerals is discussed. Concepts regarding the uses, properties, and formation of rocks are also presented in the video.After viewing the ROCKS AND MINERALS program and engaging in the activities provided, students will be able to:‰ۢ List various uses of rocks‰ۢ Identify various common minerals‰ۢ Identify properties of rocks‰ۢ Label the layers of the Earth‰ۢ Explain how rocks are formed and changed